Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just One Rooster 8 3.2010

Yesterday, I gave a mini riding lesson to a friend's daughter. She was visiting her dad and was simply dying to come see "Suzi" and for a ride.  While I was busily showing her how to brush Suzi once again, the silly roosters kept crowing and crowing !  They were Noisy ! Our farrier- Kurt - was there finishing up putting on Carli's "sneakers" as well. We had a busy barn ..... One of the gals was saying how she Loved to hear roosters crowing, and Kurt said jokingly " if you talk to that lady, I bet she'll GIVE you one " .    I didn't say anything , just smiled and went on w/ the lesson for Lisa.  We all got done, Lisa's extended family left , and Kurt was done putting Carlene's sneakers on her front feet.

Later on that evening, the phone rang.  We had just come inside, and missed answering it. It was Lisa's step mom.... she wanted to know if we were still offering a rooster for free. I called her back to say 'sure was'.  Patrick drove over and chose Skylar- the Light Brahma rooster. So now Skylar has a new home.

I am keeping the other rooster, Aiden, and bought two little Barred Rock Hens. These girls will be turned out into our " flock" as soon as they are a little bigger. So, now WoodFinn has 8 chickens, and even though I keep looking at photos of some really cool breeds, I tell myself,  ''NO- No more !" 
Below are a few photos I took this morning of them outside.
The two little gals are inside still.

This is Aiden crowing- something he does a LOT !
Here he is watching Skarlet and Emmie taking a dust bath....
Below is Silverwulf with Devon behind her inside their coop

This was taken from outside to the interior of their coop- Devon, left, Silver , right

My favorite - Lucy !

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