Monday, August 16, 2010

Winter Preparations....


This is August- the last of the summer months for many, including horse folk. Ever since I was 11, I had to learn all about getting ready for winter. Especially when a horse was added to my life. It has been that way from then on..... Now I have 11 horses to care for, and the amounts if items needed hasn't really changed to much- just MORE of each of them.

Just a few days ago, I ordered a big load of some fine grass hay from our hay man, Ivan. Its' first cutting of a variety of grasses and is fresh smelling. Not as nice as some when it comes to a sweet smell but it is great to have. Eight thousand pounds of it in 800 pound giant square bales.  It cost a pretty penny but if I'm careful and there's no mold, then it should last until its time to restock for the worst months of winter here in PA.

The plans for September are to finish painting the stall doors, and to find some pretty paint for the chickens' coop. Yellow n' light blue just don't get it- especially when some kid spray painted misc. stuff all over it. So I need to choose a pretty shade of burgundy I think.....  Then to get the manure pile piled up more so, and all these weeds mowed down . I'm Far behind on that thanks to about 5 days of rainy weather. They're growing taller with each passing hour I think !

There's quite a long list of things to get accomplished before winter sets in, and I need to get busy !

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