Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving !

Well , Thanksgiving dinner has been cooked, served and eaten.... dishes are washed and placed back to their proper places. It was deemed " Good" by Glenn & Sadie, our American Bulldog. She got to have a small taste of the "potato filling" we had prepared.

   Earlier,the day dawned cold, with sleet -- a pretty miserable start to a good day. The horses got to stay inside their stalls today, and seemed quite happy to do so. We got to try out the "new overhead" door and it worked perfectly. The barn is going to stay nice and cozy , thanks to those two overheads being half way closed. Kiisa and Moxie even had a nice dinner of kitty food. I gave the chickens a treat of some cracked corn this evening . The egg count is falling off as winter moves in .... I'll get 3 one day and two the next. Before when it was warm out, I'd get 4 one day and 5 the next from 5 hens I knew were laying. The two Barred Plymouth Rock hens have begun laying off and on, but most likely will be good layers next spring.

I have been 'winterizing their coop by nailing boards over their windows. The glass was broken when I bought it, so that will have to do for now. I still need to buy a bale of straw for their nests and the floor.

Got the winter blankets out for the horses- Alli & Scarlet will no doubt need stable blankets too. Those two mares figure they are 'show horses' and need to be treated as such. Suzi looks like a wooly little thing...her winter coat is So heavy now.  I'll have to be sure to get some recent photos of them all.  Perhaps Saturday when the sunshine returns !                 

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