Saturday, December 17, 2011

'A Christmas Tale'

 Well, actually our barn party, but that title sounded better... It all began MANY many years ago back in Maryland. I owned a very small farm then but it was in a perfect location. The barn parties began just there- in the Barn. Small, but always fun.... eventually my client list grew to the point where it wasn't wise to have the festivities in the tackroom, so it was moved to our little house. Then there were even More in the next few years! By then, I'd moved to a lovely place and a house with Lots of room- and we needed it, luckily. Many good times were had at those barn /house Christmas parties. Great folks, horse people and kids.... One has to have 'kids' around to make Christmas a little more exciting, right ?

So- here I am, living in Pennsylvania since 2002. A bigger farm, more acreage, and definately a Bigger Barn ! That leaves room for more clients, boarders, students and horse oriented friends. This year we had a housefull. Full of laughter, full of cheer, full of good will and yeah- KIDS. ( AKA- human children) We had yummy food from delicious pies, to cookies, and choices of different sandwiches to eat. Lots of presents to be opened, and some surprises too. All in all, it was a great evening - spent with friends. A perfect way to celebrate such a wonderful holiday.  Below are some photos I got of some of our guests- enjoy :)

Micheala got a long sleeved tee
Oooooooooooo !


Barb enjoying her present

The New Pony Pals

Kelby opening her gift
Amber with her gift card
Alexa got some pretty earrings
All in all ,a wonderful evening spent with friends 


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