Sunday, April 29, 2012


    It seems that Spring has certainly arrived.
Hens have gone 'broody' ( this means they want to hatch out chicks from their eggs) but creating baby chicks from unfertilized eggs hasn't worked in the past, and still doesn't work. It Will create really stinky eggs, however... There are two determined hens- HotWheels & Widget. ( Barred Plymouth Rock & a small Bantam )  So- they each lay an egg, then insist upon sitting on it,keeping it warm until it hatches. WE know those eggs will become oh so rotten, but THE HENS do not agree.  I already tried getting some fertile eggs for Widget to hatch out, but she'd have nothing to do with 'those things'. I keep taking the freshly laid eggs and put them in cartons, in the fridge,with much screeching and complaining from Widget. HotWheels is happy to sit on 'nothing' but her feet.

The little Lavender Orpington chicks didn't do so well. Out of six, we lost three. Nothing had changed at all, but once one would get weak, it didn't take long to die. A most sad and frustrating month for me, as you can imagine.  We still have three-one hen and two roosters, I think.  One rooster for sure as he's been practicing a crow. If that's what one wants to call a horrid, gurgling sound like a very rusty gate being opened.' Rooster Cogburn'  (RC) needs to practice a lot more !

Our fainting doelings are growing like weeds- and fainting over the silliest things. Each time, I feel so badly for them, but have to admit, it IS funny to see happen. The overhead barn door will cause a faint, if I don't have them paying attention to my opening or closing it..... chickens running out of the barn will, they have even startled Each Other into a double faint ! Misty is the best one for this, Malibu isn't as good at being startled but when she is- Oh myyyyyyyyyy, she's down for a good 10 seconds. Those little goatie tails don't go stiff though. This week they get some vaccinations to keep them healthy as with the horses. I gave the horses their vaccines earlier this month, and all that is needed is each getting a rabies vaccine. Once again, I will owe our farm vet a fortune.... I might give her a chicken as payment. Think that would work ?

I now have a new driving student who is thrilled to be learning about driving horses and hitching. The riding students are a blast as usual.  Below are a few photos of Sarah having her first riding lesson on our P.O.A. mare , Holly. We love Holly because she's sweet, and kind and gentle, but a stinker when it comes to being 'tricky'. Her favorite direction in the ring is towards the barn !

Sarah is SO much fun to teach to ride. She is as horse crazy as the other 9-10 yr olds are who ride here.

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