Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Late March- Early April 2012

Springtime is certainly arriving early this year !  We have some grass peeking thru, daffodils, earliest flowers of Spring, are already done blooming. The sleepy ground hogs have even come out of hibernation it seems. The Canada Geese left early in March- usually its not til this time of the year that I say goodbye to them as they fly north for the summer months.  Yes, spring is definately early !

Every so often, a cold night still occurs but it's becoming less and less. Horses are shedding their winter coats like Mad, as are the baby doelings.  Theirs is a 'baby coat' though. The humans around this area are even waking up from what I call "Human Hibernation"- calls for riding lessons, more working students and  ( I hope!!) possible boarders. Once again, I have high hopes for getting this little horse business actually making money.

G'mornin WoodFinn 

Daffodils at the barn

Malibu coming to say hello

BoJangles hears something scary ...

There was a LOUD truck going up the road- Lynn & Evie both heard it

So Evie decided to gallop about

Full gallop in two Giant strides

Love this one

turning around to see what was SO scary !
Ehhh, wasn't so scary AfterAll- BoJangles

Shadow n Sadie sharing Sadie's bed


Happy Percheron  :)

Occasionally we have a dead cat syndrome happen here

Widget ( banty hen ) and Harmony ( Buff Orp) having a discussion about what that is on the ground...

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