Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brand New Percherons

A good friend of mine owns Percheron horses as well. She usually has a couple of well bred foals each year... this year, there were two precious foals born. Both of them were born with in 12 hours of each other. Both of them had some problems with being born, but with diligent care and a great equine vet in attendance, they're both happy, bouncing boys . I drove over to my friend's farm to see the two colts, and help out if I could last Saturday. Oh my, there's nothing as adorable as a one day old Percheron foal !  She named them "Banjo" &"Blue". Both going to be black too. I took my camera and tried to snap some pictures, and they are below.  Hope you enjoy seeing them .

"Black Mist Blue Moon"

"Black Mist Banjo"

First kisses from Blue's "grand mama"

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