Friday, June 1, 2012

Photos ! 6.1.2012

Glenn & I walked up to the barn last night and took the camera.... It had been a Beautiful early summer day with low temps and low humidity. I got SO much accomplished outside, I am paying for it today. Back pain kept me awake most of the night, so 'someone' is going to sleep real good tonight , for sure.

Danielle Sheaffer ( more about all of this later) was here, as was Michelle G. to help out with the morning barn work. Thank Goddess and God for these great people !  If it wasn't for help, I'd be lost until this back/ hip/ right leg gets straightened out.
*Thank you to ALL : Joan, Shanna, Jaide, AJ, Dani L.,Sam G., Amber (who has moved on to other jobs now) And to anyone else who has volunteered their precious time to help out at the barn !!
So while those gals were getting the heavy work done, I mixed dinner feeds, and got Evie out of her stall and into cross-ties. She got curried, and vacuumed til she gleamed in her summer coat. Then she got clipped and looked simply Fantastic. By then most of the other things were done, and we headed towards cars and the house. Danielle was going to bring her stallion, Doc, over to use the ring and I decided that mowing was a good thing to do. After all, it Wasn't walking at all- I get to ride :)

And mow, I did !  Got the whole barn area mowed, the whole ring , which was knee deep in places, and set the driving cones back up. Thanks to drafters grazing in the ring, not One was left standing.

When Glenn & I got up to the barn , the mares were all grazing happily in the cooler weather, and BoJangles was contentedly feeding his face too.  It was great- Evie & Lynn chose to not come to the gate so we could get some nice action pictures, but we got a few anyhow. Abby came up the hill in her pasture to get some peppermint treats, and I got a few shots of her . Turns out we took a TON of pictures !

With out further adieu - Here's some of the shots Glenn & I took :

 First is of BoJangles...

then 3 shots of the newly mowed ring !

Then I tried calling Lynn & Evie ( our two Percheron mares)
to come get some cookies... it worked for a little bit.

And then it didn't .....

Ahhhhhhh, oh well.... back to grazing 
That's Evie in front, Lynn behind

Most likely the best mare I have ever owned...

See ?  Grazing was more important than horse treats !

Evie had an itchy ear....

Ahhhhhhhhhh, that's better now.

Abby, however, NEVER turns down a chance for horse cookies !

Glenn feeding Abby her favs- peppermints !

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