Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween & FrankenStorm


 Wow, has it been exciting in central Pennsylvania lately ! 
Firstly, we had our annual Halloween Party & Parade this past Saturday afternoon. Friends came to present their costumed horses & themselves to our judge, who just Happened to be Glenn, my husband.  We had three horses in our parade and some non-horse costumed competitors too.

As you can see, our normally wide open barn aisle was jammed with horses in crossties,and kids as well as adults getting ready for the parade in the ring. 

Soon it was time to leave the barn, but in the meantime, I snapped a few outside photos of those who were in the parade but not leading a horse.

 These folks came to join us, and watch our parade...

 Below is AJ - Sumo wrestler. 
To the right, is Steve, his daughter and AJ posing....

It was time to begin the Halloween parade ! Off the contestants went- to the ring:

Jaide & Holly- 
A Wicked Witch & her "Broom"

Shanna & Bailey - 
(who was scared of the loud bells behind her, 
and didn't like her 'Cheshire Cat' teeth !)

Alice in Wonderland & her Cheshire Cat

 Joan & Sunny-
A Gypsy & her Horse

They were ALL well behaved, once Bailey realized that the bells were not going to 'get' her....

Our Judge had arrived, I had the awards n' ribbons, and the judging began !

Wow, it was a tough parade to judge !
 The costumes were ALL wonderful.

     Sunny was trying to butter up our judge by mooching his coffee...

 Holly, the broom :

 Bat on her butt....

and some pretty snazzy stockings

After we were done with the parade, we all turned the un-costumed horses back out to their pastures, and we humans all sat down to enjoy a light snack.  What a fun Saturday- and the rains held off to keep it dry.

The day after- Sunday- we were busily battening down the proverbial hatches in preparation for the "Super Storm" , Sandy, to arrive . I removed all items that the wind would possibly blow away, and made sure the tarps over the sawdust were secure. We were ready- buckets of water filled in case we lost power, containers filled in the house as well for us & the house animals.... The rain arrived Sunday evening and as I type this , it is STILL raining. We were Very fortunate in that while we did have some mighty big winds, and a good 4" of rain over Sunday to Monday evening, nothing was damaged. The whole farm was soaked.

I snapped some pix of it all in between the raindrops. 

This is Buffalo Creek Bridge...this morning.

 Leaves were being blown off the trees as it rained sideways

These hemlocks have withstood more than Hurricane Sandy !

 Slowly but surely, the leaves were falling...

 My Poor Ring !

Our little creek overflowed it's banks 

 It's a good 4 feet deep here- normally it is only inches deep....
Today, we're almost back to normal....  soggy but normal.
Peace once again at WoodFinn.

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