Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Autumn

Well I missed the correct day a little bit, but life here on our horse farm is busy. Anywho- I wanted to be sure to welcome my most Favorite time of the year here. 

Autumn is a time of change- the flowers stop growing and blooming their silly little selves crazy, the trees loose their leaves- ONLY after giving us a grand show of color, and slowly but surely, Winter sets in. The horses , cats and goats are busily growing in their thick winter coats - which means that they're going to be Much harder to keep clean...

It is the BEST time for trail rides, and for driving into town with a well seasoned Percheron. Crisp weather and breezes make for some very silly behaviors too. Not from we humans but the animals.

After SUCH a long dry, hot summer,once Autumn arrives, the animals have a tendancy to go bonkers. For instance- the Fainting Goats- Malibu and Misty have been having running/ leaping and bucking races up n' down the barn aisle on cool mornings. Upon trying to lead Scarlet, my leopard Appaloosa mare , out to her pasture, I find that she has become a regular buckaroo !  No more 'calm, sedate' walks to the pasture gates. They become times of 'Whooopeeeeeeeeeee' on the end of a lead rope. This can be quite a surprise for humans that don't realize horses feel SO much better when it is cooler too.  Even BoJangles who usually walks calmly down the hill, and into his stall ( yes- ALL by himself - and he gets the right one too) took off at a canter , bucking his big self down the hill one morning this past week! 

So, Welcome Autumn !! 
 I know of a few creatures who are VERY VERY glad you are here .

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