Monday, April 22, 2013

Well it WAS warmer...


Happy Earth Day all !!
Who is going to remember to watch the meteor show this evening ? I hope I do.

Mother Nature sure has hit us with some more chilly than average weather. We had a few days of super warm ( almost 82 here) and then a BIG storm session moved thru, bringing very brisk mornings. I have been lovin' it as this is the weather for me !

We have a new addition to our barn, even though I swore that I wanted no more items that ate or pooped....  This new addition is actually a small rescue... Meaning she sure didn't need to be where she was, and the folks knew it. If they let her go to the 'wrong' people, who knows where this little gal would have ended up. I have a pretty good idea, but won't ever be sure as she's Here now.

She is pure Hackney Pony, 12 hands tall, and exquisite. She trots like the demons of hell are on her tail out in the pasture, and has some kinda fancy action. I hear she's "green broke" to drive but am not going to consider she is. She will be taken back to me treating her like she knows nothing at all.

This little gal is scared of humans, point blank. As an equine, she's very brave, but add a human and she's in a panic. She arrived here last Tuesday ( 4/16) evening via a very dark, HOT trailer and was shaking as she came off of it. So far, she's been all over the farm to explore (' shopping' is what I've called it for decades)  has been learning the routine, and meets me at the pasture gate each evening. This doesn't mean she'll let me put her halter on, but she Does meet me, at least. I have an appt with our farrier in a few weeks for a good hoof trim as her feet desperately need it. Vaccines will be administered as soon as she picks up some more weight, and a good de-worming as well.

She has a brand new soft halter and a brand new name as she really didn't come with one.
So with out further adieu, Meet WoodFinn's English Breeze .

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