Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bad Weather


Wow, did central PA have some wicked weather yesterday afternoon !   I was playing around on Facebook ( yep- we have a farm page there too) and all of a sudden, frantic alerts began... from local weather stations. Generally, it was letting us know of a line of very bad thunderstorms on their way.Reports of lightning strikes, trees down, high winds, and a lot of rain.... Then, tornado warnings began. Hello ????  Tornados in central Pennsylvania ????

Lo and behold, there really was one- and while it did some damage, I do not believe anyone was seriously injured. Here on the farm, we had two sessions of winds/ rain before it all blew over and blue skies / sunshine appeared.

 All in all, a scary late afternoon, but here, it all was good . As I was keeping track of the storms, etc, Piper trotted into my office, and it turns out he'd found something wonderful on the floor :

From now on, I will be impatiently waiting for Autumn. Stay cool everyone, and safe !

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  1. Wonderful.That is my pet...zarah from


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