Tuesday, July 1, 2014



It is HOT today. I think summer has finally arrived full force. We had been getting some 'warning' hot weather, but now ? Yep, it's here to stay.

A busy month - riding lessons, chores to get done and lots and lots of weed mowing. Turns out, our lawn tractor finally died....  it's engine froze and we had to buy a new one.  I was a good two weeks behind- so for me ? Mow, mow, and then ? Mow some more. The pastures look super now, but for one. I love the new tractor !

All of the equines have been doing great so far, as are the chickens. Ending up with just two white peeps, their mom's have been being good parents. HotWheels has what I believe is Widgets' chick because it is SO small... but HotWheels loves it any who.She's the one who sat n' sat to hatch it out, so of course, it's Hers! Doesn't matter who laid that egg, but who sat on them. Same w/ Widget- her peep is pure white, telling me that it's half Plymouth Rock and half Orpington : LARGE peepie.
It seems that The Girls have learned that at feeding time for the horses, it is also dinner time for them !   They see me coming out of the house, and come a' runnin.

Then we all walk Back up the lane together.....

Below is RC trying to be Incognito- but it didn't work, I saw him anyways.

I was taking some photos the other day- this is the barn in summer...

Today Taylor and Alex had their lessons together. Rose is quite stubborn and so it Alex.  Cherry is a little fearsome, but Taylor is quick to praise her for being so brave. Perfect matches for Both ponies and teenagers. It has been so hot in the afternoons, I'd not been doing much driving, but I don't have a trailer so why be in a big hurry to get fit ponies ? Ah well, stay tuned on THAT one.
I have had to change my feeding practices it seems. These two draft ponies can live on grass easily ! While they both look incredibly gorgeous, they are a little, ummmmmmmm, "fluffy". They are both on diets now and still looking great. I am really enjoying owning them.
We have been invited over to a friend's farm to watch a fun show there , the last of July. I'm going to take the camera and get some photos - plus we'll all go to clap n' cheer as an audience! 

Sadie has been enjoying the sunshine but not so much the heat.... Piper doesn't seem to really care-

 Lynn n' BoJangles standing in front of the barn.....
 they catch the cool breeze that comes thru the aisle.

They enjoy being cool, too.

Thats about it for now- stay tuned and stay cool.


  1. I LOVE the photos of your chickens running down the hillside. Perfect!

  2. thanks- it is a daily run for them :)


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