Thursday, November 27, 2014

Barn Terminologies


Oh boy have we got them too !  Sometimes I think we should create a WoodFinn dictionary because there are so many being used.

This one Meghan brought with her:
   " Ligament"  ( Liniment)
  which isn't as you'd think but more like the brace one would rub on an equine leg to help it feel better after being ridden or driven.

then there's others like

which is a gait a Standardbred horse will use when confused going into sharper than normal corners. It's not quite a trot and gets to be this
lumpity -lumpity movement with a pacing movement involved.

"Going Theatrical:"
this is when a horse needs a good spanking but since we don't DO that here, we 'go theatrical'.  Involving arms wavin, big sounds coming out of our mouths, sometimes even slapping a wall with a lead rope- and Perhaps, ONE smack on a side or shoulder, if needed. Our horses all understand that when they are "bad", to expect their human to go theatrical on them.

this could mean to get something for a saddle, harness or bridle..... This term happens mostly when I can't think of the proper name for a breeching strap, or bit converter, etc. It's kind of a universal word that could mean most anything - and one gal a long time ago coined it as " Kris Speak".  ( I hope she was being silly )

More to come !!

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