Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's May ! < happy dance >

Anddddd, all we've had is rain..... one nice day, the next 3-4 - yes, rain. This year, so far has had some good things and bad things happening.

I ( usually) choose to dwell on the good things, so apologies to those who read my 'rant'. Normally, I am not like that, but the slander continues and won't leave me alone.  That is the "excuse'' from me, trivial as it is- and it has been moving on time. I have
( :) Life is to short now to deal with that sort of thing.

Good thing: After surgery on 3/1/16, I am good to go. No hip joint pain at all.Still some muscle healing ( and omgosh- itching) and still getting used to following the 'rules' I have been told to follow, but generally it's Great to have no pain in that joint! I have been constantly finding out how crooked I had been for SO long- now these body parts are learning again that things are not crooked. This has been an interesting trip, let me tell ya.

Good thing- we have a Wonderful equine dentist  AND now a great equine massage therapist! ( If you are reading this- you know who you are < winks>) So busily getting that all in line and accomplished.

GOOD thing-  The folks who make hay for the horses to eat here tell me it is looking great in the fields!  < YAY> Now to find the money to buy it once it's baled..... it will come from somewhere, I hope. Perhaps Santa will bring an early gift ?

One of the gals at the barn has finally found 'The Horse'- we hope! She's been looking for a time and I thing she hit paydirt. Stay tuned on that one.

Lately, fox have been stealing my chickens- at least 5 by now. A friend's hubby drove out and shot one last winter, but we both know there are a kazillion more. I set up a trail camera and actually caught the tail end of one!

See below.... Obviously it is shedding, but it's a fox alright. The camera gets moved all the time, so perhaps I can catch anything/one who is up there at night.

The hen is Gwen- she's so curious and there are a few of her photos.. Did I happen to post one of my photos of another chicken?

Lynn apparently is curious too- I had one photo of a huge nostril earlier. Was it BoJangles or Lynn's? Who knows.

 We have a new rooster named Issac. (with thanks to a friend who 'found' him for me) 
 He's very handsome and is ( so far) well behaved. The girls adore him- especially Chocolate... they're always together.

It's good to have a true friend.... even if it is a chicken, I guess. Right now, he is standing outside my office window, crowing...

We celebrated my birthday over Memorial Day- I am officially 'OLD' now.  Lately I've been enjoying the peace and solitude this farm brings me, but have found myself wanting to not have as much hard work to accomplish.  A farm is hard to keep up with and being achy just creates a harder part to deal with. Oh well- I'll no doubt be into horses for a long time yet.

The horses are all being happy campers now- it is wonderful to have them back to normal. Yesterday, the old folks got a full body massage and you should have seen Lynda (age 25) tooling down the hill at a nice free walk!  Wow, maybe I will be next for a massage. She's back to telling me all kinds of fun stuff, 
and I love it.

 As May is actually over and it's June already, I guess I should have named this entry " June", eh ?

Thanks so much for following and reading- hope you enjoy this blog!

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