Sunday, June 5, 2016

Oh My !!


I know- another addition to this blog the very Next Day!

Ever since the creation of cell phones that are actually so much more, I have friends who shared some great photos with me.

Did you know that horses like 'selfies' too? Here (and apparently in many other barns) the horses like taking them just when we humans want to take a great little photo of them being 'cute' or beautiful or whatever.

Lately some have just cracked me up because I know these horses living here so well. Each has it's own distinct personality and like we humans, come with their own set of 'emotional baggage'. Given a chance each one does learn to being relaxed, content and yes, I like to believe, happy.

So, hold onto yer hats- here we go....

This is Flash- he is here on trial and obviously knows all about selfies! He will touch the phone and loves to take his own picture.

 BoJangles has taken some of himself on my phone- and considers it when other folks here try to get his photo.

                                    Guess who again...

this is one of our American Draft Ponies, Rose (aka "pumpkin")
They are the chubbiest ponies in the barn and is forever begging 'horse treats' !

                   Rusty, coming in for a perfect selfie!
Haha- this mare belongs to a friend- apparently, word has spread about these things called phones.

 This nose belonged to my Percheron mare when she was young enough to stick her nose out. She took a few selfies of a nostril of hers, but I lost it when I switched cellphones.
This guy is a true comic.... he's just a fun horse to have known.

Next, "Horse Nozes" !


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