Saturday, June 11, 2016

It's June.

This past week has been GORGEOUS weather wise!!! Cool temperatures,sunshine,a great breeze . Very few flies here too- I love it. Folks have been riding and apparently, having a grand time from the smiles I have been seeing.

Due to it being SO nice this past week, the horses living here stayed out 24/7 and really enjoyed themselves. Tonight, we're back to having them come in when they are supposed to. I think we ALL enjoyed not having stalls to clean. ( I do the night horse stalls, but now, that's easy-breezy.)

Always have had a good time "horse watching" during this lifetime. One learns a LOT by merely observation when it comes to equines. It has been fun watching the drafts meet the 'littles' ! Rusty is still the self assigned 'watcher' of the farm and if anything is different ? He melts down mentally and EVERYone knows it.

We are getting another horse at the farm- another TB. I hope she mixes in as well as all of the others have.  Stay tuned....  

As the cliche` goes- "What goes on at the barn, Stays at the barn"
And it will.  Hope your day is the best !!

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