Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy July


It was a quiet 4th celebration here, thank goodness. Rain certainly put the damper on any firework displays, so I wasn't overly concerned about the 'nightmares'.

There's a fun gal coming here to help w/ the horses... she's great and is doing fine in working w/ those that need to learn not to fear. I enjoy having her around- lots of laughter and knowledge.  :)  Sadly, I don't want to risk being dumped off any more- so this gal can have fun working w/ them.

Whew, did it ever turn hot!!  Like overnight ''we got moved into the tropics'' hot. It is STILL 95 degrees at around 5 PM. Each summer that happens on the east coast, I despise this sort of weather more and more. Ahhh, the life of horse people, eh ?

Even the hens don't want to lay eggs in this heat/ humidity... not that I blame them. We are down in numbers now, and I don't forsee more chickens in the future. Just one of the Hippie Chicks are here- I named her Grace after Grace Slick.  She n' Liza have a good time chatting amongst themselves. My good ol' Silverwulf' is still here, and when I sit outside the barn, she will come wandering over and ask me questions I haven't got an answer for. So, we just enjoy chicken things and human things together.

We have a new rooster! "Issac"- he is such a blabber mouth!  Constantly crowing, and then he'll do this "growly'' noise that cracks me up. Imagine sitting on your sofa, trying to nap or watch some tv, and hearing a grey rooster growling to himself outside the window.....  That's our Issac.

Below is our February peep... she & Bess live in the barn. She's maybe twice this size now with gorgeous black feathers that shine iridescent purple in the sunshine.

The yearling (now) draft pony has really grown. He'll be soon heading to his new family. If he's brought along the right way, he will be spectacular. 

Oh my gosh- what a time we've had with lawn mowers! To begin with, I really didn't want the one that took me two years to buy. It broke down, the deck froze, and all it did was cost money.  So it took some time for me to run out of patience with getting it fixed, and called the manufacturer. Not much good came from that so it got traded in on a much more powerful mower that sure does get the job done. YAY for a tractor that isn't "dying" on a weekly basis !!
There will be just a few horses living here after the yearling leaves, and I am happy with that. We have a wonderful group of boarders and students now, and after what happened before, I don't know if I am willing to take a chance on anyone else. I've turned down at least 4-5 folks wanting to keep their horses here since April... I like having just a few gorgeous faces to feed. It used to be, it was nothing to care for my personal horses then head out to work. Another 24 stalls mucked, buckets washed, horses turned out, and then brought back in by noon.... And I'd head for home to work 2-3 horses. No way, not any more!

That's about it for now- I will return though. ( hahaaa- how many are thinking " oh please, no!")

Stay cool everyone.

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