Wednesday, August 10, 2016



You know the song "Summertime" ?  I swear it was written about August. Only the 'livin' ain't easy. We horse folks usually sweat thru two sets of clothing daily, not to mention Everything sticks to sweaty bodies. The humidity is miserable in August in Pennsyl-tuckie, and we have a rain deficit big time. Lawns are brown and nothing much grows, but for WEEDS! Good grief, do we have healthy,thriving weeds. It seems all I have been doing this month is mow weeds. Allll different kinds of weeds. My step-dad would have had a wonderful time telling me their names. He was a biology professor and told my husband one time, that weeds are simply 'misplaced' plants.   Go figure. I have to admit that some flowering weeds are very pretty to see. I have a whole corner in the yard just for Queen Annes' Lace to grow. Wow, has it grown too. No lie- I bet those weeds are 4' tall. Lovely, dainty flowers - they make me smile. The blooms are super for drying too. I used to dry some for using on Christmas packages. Got that idea from my ex mother-in-law. She was so talented that way.

The hens are doing well in this heat/humidity. You know it's hot when a chicken pants. Egg production is very low though. Even our barn chicken, Molly, hasn't been laying much at all. Issac, the new rooster parades about on a daily basis, struttin' his stuff. What is it with roosters n' BIG egos anywho? He makes me chuckle sometimes with his crowing. ( and he's got the song down perfectly too) Any noise at all, and guess who joins in ? Yep, Issac. That's him below, attempting to look fierce and scary.

One of the gals at the barn snapped a photo of Molly with her cell phone- it cracked me up :

This hen is Gorgeous! She's solid black but if you see her in the sun, her feathers show an shiny blue and purple sheen. She's a funny chicken- comes when called, LOVES playing " catch the fly" on cell phones, and inspects just about everything we do.

We have a new teeny addition- another peep being raised in the tack room. This is Casey and we all hope it's a girl.

The horses are doing great. The three boarders' horses are being worked and are doing wonderfully. All are slick n' shiny with many equine coats all dappled.

Other than dealing with the temperatures, all is well. I am healing really well from hip replacement back in March, and only have to be careful of my back. Life is gooood- now for Autumn to arrive just a little early.

Have a wonderful month everyone!

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