Monday, September 5, 2016

SEPTEMBER- yayyyyy

We are holding a Tack Sale/ Swap at our farm!This coming Saturday from 10--4.We have been working on cleaning, washing, and deciding just what we want to offer for sale.

Many thanks to those of you who've helped out with this.... you know who you are.

September is here and it was cooler for two whole days. It seems this week, summer is returning with a vengence. Upper 90's and humid as can be. Yuck. I loved the cooler weather and really do not like the summer h & h.

Fall is good for heading out to ride some trails,getting those extra things done around a farm that summer made to hot to get done. Fall is a lovely time of the year and my Favorite season.Horse show season is slowing down by now, too. I remember when I showed Appaloosas' we'd have finals up almost to Thanksgiving, and then head back to it in mid January. Body clips, shoes got pulled and the show string was let down a little. Still kept them going enough to stay fit but not quite so much"go, go,go".

The same with showing the drafters... Just that those shows didn't really get up n' running til spring and then, thru late Autumn. Now, since I have slowed down considerably, that mad rush to get horses trained or super fit doesn't happen. I kinda like this. Having shown horses from age 11, it has been a LONG time coming. Now I can thoroughly enjoy the 4 horses I have now... and let the younger crowd get up at 3AM to clean a pooh stain off their horse or be on the road by 5AM, sweat their butts off all day and come home ribbonless (or not) and exhausted. Makes for a very very long day- especially when one hauls a ton of kids along w/ their ponies or horses.My patience is not nearly what it used to be by now, and thank goodness I can slow down and enjoy life now.

I can't say how many hot steamy summer days spent in a saddle, waiting for a class to begin. Sweat soaking my nice clean show shirt and running down my breeches, into my boots. It is such a wonderful feeling. For those who've shown , I know you know just what I'm talking about.Trying to look fresh and eager to show one's horse to the judge with sweat soaked leather gloves, soaking wet hair and sweat running into one's eyes. No thanks- 40 some years of it is Plenty for me.

I love showing, don't get me wrong. I compete against myself, so there was ALWAYS room to improve on something. Being a perfectionist who knows not every living being isn't, I tried to get each horse as close to perfect as it could be. It worked well but it took me a heck of a long time to become a world champion... with a mare that I had trained.

Was it all worth it? The backpain, torn tendons,the concussions, crushed toes--- and jumping the jumps when my horse chose not to ?? ( whew- now THAT hurts!)

All in all, I think it was. Showing isn't important to me like it was before. Perhaps Briana and I will get to some driving shows, maybe we'll just go trotting down the road to town.... either way, it's me and my horses. That works!

Oh, I forgot!  Introducing Issac. He is a sweet, well behaved rooster and has been busily making fertile eggs.
Next Spring, the plan is to house all of the Lavenders together and get fertile eggs to hatch. Hoping it works !

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