Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 13th, 2010- Suzi is gone.

 Our pony, Suzi, had developed a slight colic Thursday evening, the 9th of December. I called our vet to come check on her, and Suzi got a shot to slow her digestive system down and then once it wore off ( a few minutes later), to start it moving again. Suzi felt much better, but by Saturday I was sure she had 'impacted' ( similar to a clogged pipe in one's house- Nothing moves past it).  Becky came back again, and Suzi got dosed with a pony sized amount of oil and warmed water.  By Sunday evening, once Suzi's pain killers wore off, she was in great pain. I kept giving her shots to keep her comfortable and praying that she would pass some manure. That would mean that Maybe her impaction was clearing up.  She did not, and on Monday morning, our dear ancient pony passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Her students were so sad, as was her best equine pal, Alli. They had been best friends for 12 years. 

That week was terribly hard to get thru, and Alli moped around a lot. I was beginning to be very worried about her because she too is OLD....  The next Monday however, when I walked into the barn to give all the horses breakfast, Alli was the first to call to me to " Hurry, Please !! We are Hungry !"

Suzi is out of pain now, and everyone seems to have adjusted as I write this blog. I miss her terribly, but know it was for the best.....  Below is a photo of she and Alli waiting to come in for FOOD, as usual... from September, 2010

Rest in Peace, Suzi......

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