Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas !!! December 25 2010

If the dates don't coincide with these blogs, its because I'm catching up.   Sorry !   We woke up to a peaceful Non Snowy Christmas morning. Turns out that my two barn rats came to help do morning chores on Christmas !  I was so pleased, I just wanted to hug them Both in thanks.  We got done in record time and Glenn brought us all some nice warm cappucino to drink.  Once I landed back in the house, the gift exchanging began. I had two Secret Santa gifts to open, and a couple from my brother n' sister, plus Glenns' gifts for me. Glenn had a TON of gifts from me as I'd been shopping all year long for this day. Sadie got her favorite gift - a real bone with yummy filling in it, and Shadow got a fabric "cave" which he is scare of.  < oh well >

Glenn got me a telephoto lens as my 'big' gift !!  I was Floored- and have taken some pictures with the camera and it. I'll add them here soon.  We relaxed some, I did some reading online, and it was soon time to start our Christmas dinner. We had a standing rib roast, some mashed potatoes and some applesauce. Not nearly like holiday feasts in our pasts, but plenty for just us...
Once the horses (*AGAIN) had their dinners, we collapsed on the sofa to watch some tv and then to bed. All in all a wonderfully peaceful Christmas Day. :) Below is of our creek....  I loved that old branch with ice on it...
Then one of three horses taken from our Deck ! That's quite some distance...

Then one of my favorites I had to take fast because Glenn was in a hurry for some reason.... this one is of Carlene & Glenn talking..

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