Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Annual Christmas Party

 December 19th was the chosen day..... the weather turned out Perfect and it was to begin at 3 in the afternoon.  People showed up early and I'd decorated the barn so they got to see it earlier than the other guests.  I used to go all out in barn / house decorations but as the years passed, they got less and less.  Seems once its' all decorated, its' time to take it all down.... sooooooooooo I didn't go overboard.  Here's how it looked- and that is my friend at the end of the aisle being goofy.

The party went well, everyone brought a dish to share and we offered a huge deli tray of luncheon meats/ cheeses and the extras that one might enjoy on a sandwich.  Then I had to go up to the barn and feed horses for the evening ( duh- don't plan a party with horse chores in the middle of it !) Everyone who wanted to , came to 'help' and we got done in record time. Horses were all snuggled in their stalls, and we took a few minutes to say good bye to our Suzi. This was mostly for Jaide who loved Suzi so much. We did a short prayer for God to keep good care of her, and that we all loved her very much. I gave Jaide a small decoration from Suzi's "necklace" and she carried it with her the rest of the evening.  Soon everyone was sitting around like stuffed whales - me TOO- and chatting happily.  What a good time was had, gifts were exchanged and everyone left in great Christmas spirit.

These little parties mean so much to me- Its my way of saying thank you for all of the help in the past year to everyone who has anything to do with my barn.

Merry Christmas Everyone !!

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