Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1-18-2011 Ugh

Well, snow arrived, and then we got ice as a topping on it..... made for a very slippery walk to our barn. My husband had gone to work early due to most probably slippery conditions, and he Hates being late.

I hauled water to the outside tubs with my little JD tractor After plowing a path with Moses, our ancient tractor. Then, I got the stalls done after turning the light horses out for the day. I Thought it was going to be a nasty day but it turned out that that cold front moved out of PA faster than expected. The weather was cloudy, but warm compared to the last few weeks.  The draft horses were quite full of themselves having been in all night long, and they insisted I give them hay FIRST, please. Not being one to ignore one ton horses pleading for hay, they got fed before anyone else. I was so pleased to get the other horses turned out for the day- Less work for ME and they enjoy doing "horse things" out in their pastures.

 Side Bar :
A few days ago I was walking home when I saw a weird looking spot in the snow..... Turns out my Clydesdale mare, Carli, had made a BIG horsey 'snow angel' !  I went to the house, grabbed my camera and here it is ... See how it's "horse shaped "

I kept trying to get a photo of it, and the camera Just wouldn't take one ! I tried All the settings, and then came to find out, I'd still had the lens cover on the camera.DUHHHH.
But alls' well that ends well- and I have a photo of a Clydesdale sized snow angel.  :)

 Back to the blog. As I was finishing up, I noticed that Glenns' car was in the drive..... Hmmmm...  It was a good 30 minutes later that I finally got inside that he told me he'd "T-Boned" some woman on his way to work .  'You WHAT ?????'  Then he explained that on his way to work,some gal had lost control of her car while passing him on the icy highway. She slid back n' forth, and did a couple of full circles in front of him. He said he thought maybe he was going to miss her, when all of a sudden, here she comes again, over steering - right out in front of him. He hit the mid section of the passenger side, and they both ended up sliding onto the median strip. She had her cell phone, and called the police. Thank God neither of them were hurt- her car was though. Glenn's little Pacifica has a small amount of damage that'll have to be repaired but not much at all compared to the other car.  Thanks to Chrysler and Mercedes Benz for creating one helluva wonderful little car , my dear hubby only wrenched his back a little more than normal. He'll be feeling much worse tomorrow, I know ! 

 The rest of the day went alright - and we are all done for the day. Inside to curl up with Sadie and enjoy the evening. I WAS going to head to Harrisburg ( Farm Show Complex) to the Pa. Draft horse sale, but I've opted to not bother driving . As the temps go down tonight, those roadways will become a skating rink again.  Below is a photo I took of a gorgeous sunrise at WoodFinn...

Anddddddddddd, a couple of photos of my husbands' little car after his accident today . 
Not to terrible, thank you, God...

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