Monday, January 24, 2011

Aidens x 2 !

Glenn & I went to the Pa. Farm Show a couple of weeks ago. As we were waiting for the shuttle busses to come along, I noticed a little fella in a red winter coat, talking to his mom. He was very excited about going to see "Cowwwwwwwwws" . He'd ask his mom over n' over again about those cows. I asked him if he liked cows, and he smiled and grinned at me. Then I asked him what his name was, and he looked at his mom as if to see if it was okay.
She smiled and said " well, what's your name , Aiden?"

That was when he grinned at me again and told me his name was Aiden.
It turns out that we have a Dominique rooster who's name is Aiden also. He used to be "Ada" before he began crowing- thus letting me know that Ada wasn't a wise name choice any longer.

So- here's a couple of photos of Aiden ( the kid ) and Aiden ( the rooster:

Farm Show Aiden:
 This one's Our Aiden....

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