Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dead>>>>???? Mouse

 I was sound asleep one morning when I was awakened by a loud slapping noise in the dining room I wondered what in the world it could be when it stopped. Only half awake , I fell back to sleep. There was nothing out of place when I got up an hour later, and promptly forgot about it.

Glenn got home from work in the evening to tell me of his Great Adventure of the Morning. It seems that Shadow, our house cat, had caught himself a mouse .Glenn figured he would just leave him alone with it until he finally killed it. He kept checking on Shadow to see if the poor mouse was dead yet, but Shadow had in mind to simply torture it a LOT.I'm sure you all are aware of how a cat will treat a mouse that has been dumb enough to be caught.....

It was then almost time for Glenn to leave for work, and the danged mouse was STILL there. He decided to do it in, but with what ?  AH!  The Broom.  He said he whacked it and whacked it , then whacked it some more.... Mouse was still alive.  He whacked it a few more times, then swept it into the dust pan and dumped it outside.  I hadn't seen a mouse anywhere out there,but I hadn't looked to hard either.

We both went out to where he'd chucked it and it was gone. Now- either one of the barn cats found it or Glenn didn't really kill it as he thought he had.  A great mystery neither of us was going to worry about much at all.

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