Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jasmine Arrives 2 19 2011

She's here- FINALLY. After waiting for 3 days, she was delivered around noon. I'll add some pictures here of her upon her arrival and today when she got to go outside for the first time .  We led her to her stall, and she was softly blowing in fear of what she might find down that long barn aisle. Once in her stall, Jasmine did a cursory explore and made a fine nervous pooh pile. I guess she wanted to 'claim' it as hers.  We left her alone as she was happily scarfing up her yummy hay. After the seller left, I went back to her stall to say hello and inspect her more closely. She is THIN under all of that awful long raggedy winter coat. Where she had been living, she was on 24/7 turnout with a lot of other horses. They only got grass hay in a round bale- no grain.

Today Jasmine got turned out for her first time here. She took a mouthful of hay, and began exploring her new digs. Up the hill, and across, checked out the neighbors across the way, and then back down again...

She looked at Scout n' Adele who were busy eating their morning hay. After inspecting all her small area until she is friends with our horses, she came back down to have some more hay of her own.

So Jasmine has arrived.  We'll give her some time to 'unpack' and settle in .  Then she'll get to be groomed by some students who've been waiting to meet her. I hope this mare fits in here perfectly..... Stay tuned

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