Friday, February 11, 2011

Wow- Warm Weather & Glenn's birthday


Today, my dear husband turns 62. HE says he is " old " now, I say that is nonsense. His body may be, but his quick wit, great sense of humor and more is Very well intact and working just fine. We are planning to celebrate tomorrow ( Saturday) and go out to dinner at Pizza Hut this evening....

Our area is being blessed with a tease from Mother Nature for a few days. Usually in February, one expects snow storms, ice storms and more, but THIS week is supposed to be Gloriously WARM. I actually did horse chores this morning with out 3 layers of clothing on !  This week is going to be wonderful....... from one's knees , up. Soon the snow will melt, and that will create much mud, which will in turn be ground up by big and small horse hooves. < sigh>  We are on the down hill slide towards Spring now- and I , for one, will be VERY happy to bask in warm sunshine once again.

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