Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Help

I have been running an ad on the local Craigs' List for some folks who would like to learn more about horses in exchange for their labor. I got a few responses, but some wanted to come and have all the fun- with none of the work. Some wanted to come later in the evening and skip the stall cleaning,etc.... Some didn't know one thing about horses, but wanted to learn- then got intimidated , I suppose.  Only a couple actually showed up for a visit- and one actually is going to be a BIG help here .  She's done a fine job so far- one morning- and I hope she hangs around until we get thorough winter and this farm gets pretty again.

The weather has been nice but had High winds yesterday and today it is colder. The temps are "supposed" to hit nearly 60 degrees by Friday... YAY !  I realize this is a mere tease of nice weather from Mother Nature, so I'm enjoying it to the fullest and Then will go back into 'super care' mode for this farm.

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