Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jasmine !

 It seems I have purchased a new horse this past week. I'd been looking around just slightly for another lesson horse due to losing our Suzi this past December. I want to bring in more students for lessons because there doesn't seem to be anyone wanting to board " way up here".

Her name is Jasmine, she is 6 yrs old, and is a very large pony size at 14.1 hands tall. She is a blood bay color with one white sock on her left hind leg. She's a non-registered Standardbred and is touted to be a fine trail horse. When I went to see her last week, she had never been to the farm where I was told to meet the owner. I got to see how she dealt with new things and she passed that test with flying colors !  I watched her get ridden, and found her to be just 'okay' with it all.  Jasmine needs some more ring miles to become a better, well trained horse .The most positive item is her wonderful sweet personality. She is adorable and in my barn- she will become More so.  I have a very happy barn with happy horses in it- so Jazz will blossom here. 

Here is a photo of her looking oh so pretty last summer:
She rides and knows how to drive as well, so Now I have another lesson horse for those who want to drive too. I can' t wait till she is here !!

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