Sunday, July 10, 2011

7/10/2011 Emmi & her Eggs

I got a photo of Emmi setting on her eggs-thanks to my pal, Shanna !  Here's Emmi- she has 8 'bantam easter egger' eggs to care for. Tonight I'll make my first attempt at 'candling' them to see if they're fertile or not.

This little hen is doing a superb job with being a brand new mama-to-be. She only gets off her nest one time daily. She takes a healthy dirt bath, gets something to eat, and drink, catches some tasty bugs, and she's back on her nest.  Mother Nature sure created some wonderful instincts in these chickens !
Here's Emmi:

I imagine I'll have to begin putting a small dish of water / food in a corner so she can have something to drink all day long. It's supposed to be HOT the next few days here, so she'll appreciate that.

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