Sunday, July 24, 2011

A new family at WoodFinn

Emmi's eggs have hatched !  All but one is now a fluffy little bantam easter egger. Healthy and happy- full of peeps and staggering about. I went up to check on Emmi this AM when I was feeding the horses, and there was a chick. I almost couldn't believe it !  But there it was.... I checked the rest and there was another one " pipping" ( working it's way out of the shell)

 So by this evening, all but one are done. The last one is still working on getting born. Emmi's being a wonderful mama hen. It amazes me time and time again, how living creatures seem to Know what to do. Instinct is a great thing to have- and use.  Humans so often don't.... but chickens ?  Sure enough, THEY do.

Be prepared for lots more updates on Emmi & her new family. In the meantime- here's a couple of photos I took this evening.  But first- this is the very first chick that hatched this AM :

Emmi and her new family....

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