Thursday, July 21, 2011

A New Road.... or Tar n' Chips ! 7.21.2011

 Our little road that goes past our house has been in need of serious repair over the years. Patching has happened, but it got to the point where it simply needed to be fixed. Bumpy, sloped in odd places and just looking like some kind of old cow path it was. In fact, I thought to myself just earlier this week how the road really needed some proper care.

Yesterday- lo' and behold, I heard some truck noises outside. It was So hot that I had been keeping the front curtains closed to help keep it cooler inside. I peered out the window and felt like a crazy person doing it. You know- the kind in the scary movies ?  She peers out of her room upstairs to see who has arrived, and to plot terrible things happening to them ?  Well, I did peer, but so far, I'm not crazy  :)

This is what was happening :Tar and chips were being laid down !!!

for the township guys in taking good care of this little road !!
You rock, guys !

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