Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doelings ! 3.20.12

They are here, they are here !!!  Long story, short.... a friend of mine owns/ runs Brass Ring Fainting Goat Farm in Tennessee. She moved there a few years ago, and has been raising top quality Myotonic goats for some time. She shows & breeds them .   I have loved the breed for as long as I've known about them, and never could afford to buy two does. So I enjoyed hearing of others' babies being born and seeing the photos shared.  THIS year, my friend offered me two "bottle babies"  and I took her up on her kind offer. There were some others that had "just been weaned" and turned 3 months old on March 16 th. The day I picked them up. We organized a clandestine meeting in the parking lot of a TSC store, and did the Great Goat Exchange there. All went well, and Misty & Malibu arrived here at the farm safe n' Hungry !!!

The first thing we did was go into the "goat stall" ( aka- one of the horse stalls in the main barn) and let them settle in a bit. Then, a late lunch was served of goat feed . The same kind they'd been used to eating..... and later on I let them out into the barn aisle for the first time.......

Can we please come out now, "ma" ?

First time out in the Big Barn Aisle !

Eating some hay first

Me n' Misty

Always checking for a way to get out of where ever they Are...


Malibu on the left, Misty on the right

Whew- exploring makes a baby thirsty

I'm Sure there will be many more pictures to come as these girls grow up. When they are old enough, I want to breed them and then we shall have kids for sale !

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