Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome, Springtime ! 3.20.12

Today, as most of you know, is the 'first day of Spring' !  However, it is cloudy, showery and oh so humid outside.  Yuckie beginning to Spring, if ya ask me.

Updates from our farm :  
My little lavender Orpington chicks are NOT all Hens as I was told they may be.  HA- I am seeing two with some mighty long tail feathers coming in and two, who have 'average' length ones. Now, from what little I know of telling roosters from hens - that's a pretty good sign, Other than crowing or laying eggs. ( Yeah- that would make me 100% sure ;)  They are getting all kinds of stunning soft grey feathers, and are Tall for the age they are. Of course, the hens I bought from a "local" farm store were stunted and never grew to full sized " fat farm hens". This is all a calculated guess on my behalf.  At any rate- they are happy, healthy and today were moved to the tack room !   Now I can clean the garden tub real well, and the carpet in the bathroom as well.  Boy, chicks are dirty - no matter how often one cleans out their little brooders . If the sunshine ever comes out, I'll set up their little puppy pen out in the grass and cover it for their protection. Then I can also get some up to date photos of them.  They were born on February 24th, so in a few days, they will be a whole month old :)

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