Saturday, March 10, 2012

The New Door - October 31,2010

The new overhead barn door is here and installed !   It works like a dream- soooooooo simple to lift up. Its designed to look like a carriage house door, but it slides up , out of the way.  The folks who did the work And ordered it for me were Wonderful !   Gotta plug their business:   "Garage Doors Plus"   Lisa & Ron Short, from Enola, PA.  They were so helpful in letting me know what my choices were, and the costs as well, up front. No hidden fees or surprises. I'd called a few other garage door installers, and they all had to " get back to me".  Lisa was on a job, and asked if she could call me back in a few minutes. I figured she'd call later on when they'd gotten home. No- she DID call me back and With some suggestions, AND prices.  Then they both came to see what work was involved and we ordered the door.It arrived faster than I thought and they were here that Monday to install it !  Here are some photos of how it all went. Ron was great about answering my 'stupid human' questions as he worked and I learned a lot about garage doors .
                                                   Lisa & Ron kind of posing !

                                                             This is their info.....

                                            Lisa doing something important- the door is Almost up !
  The finished product !

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