Saturday, July 7, 2012



Oh my gawd, it is SO Hot outside !  105 here at almost 3 PM.  These past two weeks Mother Nature has been fooling around with her thermostat here in s.central Pennsylvania. It has been over 90 degrees for quite a few days in a row and today is the worst. High heat, HIGH humidity and everyone outside is dealing with this alright. We, humans, however, are inside where the AC has been working overtime for at least a week.

It is so hot , even the flies aren't bugging the horses much... our grass is 'crunchy' and is drying up, thanks to incredible heat and not enough rain.  Tomorrow, Sunday- we're due to have this massive heatwave start breaking up . And it cannot happen fast enough. I went to the barn to check on horses a few minutes ago, and there were small sparrows getting a much needed drink from the chicken waterer I have sitting outside of the tack room door. I know it's warm by now but still it's liquid.  It has been re-filled with cooler water....

Prayers for those who are in the midst of the forest fires out west, and those in the Texas areas that are once Again in a severe drought.....

Come on September !!!

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