Monday, July 2, 2012

Summertime !

Welcome to Summer in south central Pennsylvania where the weather is sometimes rainy, stormy, humid, terribly hot or like today : Lovely.
 We have a nice breeze blowing to help cool animals and humans off , bright, hot sunshine, but not TO terribly stiffling humidity. Its what I'd call a "nice" early July day .
 ( and I Hate summertime weather)

Our flowers are blooming, the pastures are grassy and not TO many flys around.
 (well, most horse folks have WAY to many around their farm) are not to horrid- YET.

Hosta blooms below:

A 'weed' but this one sees herself as a true Queen....
This Queen Anne's Lace is blooming in my rock garden !

BoJangles, Abby and Evie enjoying our grass

Our chickens have really be enjoying this nice weather as well. Widget was singing last evening and I snapped this photo of her....

 This is R.C.
  AKA-  Rooster Cogburn...

"The Girls" below... Silverwulf, HotWheels,Sonnet and Widget in the back.

So, welcome July !  
Please treat our farm to cool breezes, enough rain to keep things growing and good summer memories made.

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