Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Chickens ?????

Yes, more chickens and they are so small, three will fit in the palm of one's hand. Day old chicks- 15 of them and supposed to be all hens. There are some different breeds of brown egg layers, and as they mature , I'm sure we'll be able to figure out the breeds !

'Rooster Cogburn' and the love of his life, Daisy, have been relegated to the hen house.... as of this evening. They were both scared being young chickens in with older hens, but it won't be long until they're all pals.
( I HOPE !!!!)  He's gotten to be quite stunning as has Daisy. Full tail feathers on his lavender grey butt, and a big red comb- Daisy thinks him the 'looker'... until he starts doing the " Are you horny "  dance.  She then just walks away from him. Its tough being a young rooster.

We have chicks, as I mentioned above. The deal was just to good to ignore. Order 15 random breeds of brown egg laying chicks and the shipping was cheap ( no pun intended). They got here this morning and I brought them home from the Post Office around 12:30 or so. They were all happy to see there was breakfast AND something to drink in their little pen. For now, they'll live in a corner of one of the empty stalls in the barn, with a red heat lamp in a corner if they need it. Food, water, heat, and places to scratch around in - and one has happy chickens. Now to pray they ALL make it. I get so attached to the animals around here that when one dies, it breaks my heart.

Below are a few photos of them from this afternoon, plus some of the farm on a summer evening. I wish I could add the sound of crickets singing, and the wind blowing thorough the Hemlocks at the barn... but I'd have to figure out how to add a video and THAT is not understood yet.

This little gal was sleeping....

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