Thursday, January 31, 2013

A New Endeavor ! ????


I was working on our farm's website ( ) and had to replace a photo on our 'contact us' page. Lo' and behold- I saw a little box on the top " enquiry forms".  I clicked on it w/ my ever faithful mouse and there were  a good 10 emails that never had been forwarded to My personal email address !  From as far back as oh, last July. Interest in boarding a horse here, a working student enquiry, a wonderful gal interested in the "Mommy & Me & a PONY !"  sessions ( to be held this coming spring ) and then one I Almost didn't look at but am SO glad I did.....

It was an email from a gal who worked for the ' Farm & Ranch ' magazine asking me if I might be interested in keeping a month long " diary" of what goes on here.  Well, after picking my chin off the desk, I started smiling. I knew the magazine well as I used to subscribe to it when I lived in Maryland and simply couldn't afford it here in Pa....

 " Of COURSE I would like to keep a 'farm diary' of going's on here !! "

She returned an email today ( the high winds today kept me from getting email in a timely manner) and asked if April would be good for me. Omg- would it be GOOD ??  It'd be PERFECT !!!   Springtime here is marvelous- all the plants begin to bloom, horses shed those awful dirty winter coats, humans begin coming out of "winter hibernation" and want to do things- and of course, the springtime weather is Gorgeous. Warm sunshine, grass is beginning to green up nicely,and we no longer need to wear heavy clothing creating that ever popular Michelin man look !

Stay tuned- I hope this actually happens - if not, well it sure made a windy, bitter cold January day more interesting .

 Here's a little chuckle for your Thursday afternoon :

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