Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jan. 26, 2013...

My husband went to the hospital this past Thursday... Open heart surgery to replace his aortic valve. We were both terrified, but neither one let the other know. Go figure...  I was the one who waited from 7 AM until 7 PM when I finally got to see him. He came thru it all with 'flying colors' and was totally out when I did get to see him. That was all I wanted- to just See him; to be sure it was all 'real' and not some cruel nightmare. To me, he looked so helpless, and I knew the pain that was going to meet him when he did finally wake up. The surgery went splendidly, according to his surgeon - and Glenn now has a bovine valve replacing his that wasn't working and was crusted with calcium... In a few months he should be almost healed and each day, his sternum and ribs heal a little more, therefore causing less pain.

I spoke to him today- just two days out of a major surgery, and he sounded SO much better than yesterday. All of the tubes he had are out now, and the only thing left is the insulin drip. That hopefully will be removed this evening and he'll be entirely on his own once again. He's in a semi-private room as well. His nurse said today that he was coming along super, and he's trying hard to get past it all.

 I am SO proud of him for being who he is ;a strong willed, intelligent, hard working man who will work hard to overcome any challenge.... and those are what allowed me to fall so in love with him.

 Here he is, doing what he Adores the most :  Drumming !

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