Wednesday, January 30, 2013

He's Home !

 My husband was released from the hospital on January 28th - Four days after having open heart surgery !  Wow- I was floored when he said he was allowed to go home So soon.

It was a rainy/ icy/ sleeting type of day and the ride to the 'big city' took a little longer than usual, but I got there with no mishaps. ( thank goodness)  We had to wait and wait for the discharge nurse to come and "sign off" , but eventually got on our way before the traffic really got heavy.

So- he's Home. I have never welcomed that sentence as much as I do right now. His scar isn't anything like I was expecting- its much smaller and was glued shut. Amazing ! A serious , difficult surgery like that and the surgeon used Glue. He has four little dashes on his stomach that look as though someone might have been sending a Morse Code... but they are only where some chest tubes had been inserted. 

I am once again amazed at how wonderful medical science has come from the days of my dad suffering from heart disease. The husband is going to be Fine, the folks at the hospital who cared for him so well, and the wonderful surgeon who gave him a brand new aortic heart valve are incredible

If any of them happen to read this-
 THANK YOU from the Both of Us.

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