Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Year..... And Elvis is in the house

 January 6,2013

It is a new year; full of wonderful things to hope for, work towards and to see to fruition....

My husband and I began the new year with going to hospitals, having tests done, and a lot of waiting, for me, that is. It seems that he needs open heart surgery to have his aortic valve replaced. We Both hope that it can be accomplished soon...and then he can spend the winter letting his rib-case heal. THEN  we pray that he'll be set to get back to being "Glenn".

A funny thing happened when he had returned to the recovery room in the hospital.  We had started out in one area of it, then he was taken via  hospital bed to have a TEE done. ( this is where a small camera is put down via his throat to snap some good photos of how his valve is or isn't working- he was put under for this)  Once he was returned to the same room- he was wheeled to a different cubicle to 'return to lucid'. All was going fine... I was there and he asked me 'where was he', then what floor we were on. He was trying to figure out just where he'd 'landed'.

Then, way across the room- past the nurses area- there was a woman returned. Obviously the same sort of tests had been done to her as well.

Glenn kept chatting with me and the nurses checking on him - making perfect sense too. He was coming out of it all perfectly, it seemed. There were some people who had come into see the woman across that room- and I noticed it was "Elvis" ...with Mrs. Elvis too.  Very obviously an impersonator but Elvis- just the same. I pointed him out to Glenn- who was seemingly returning to the land of living really well.

" I must have gone over the Rainbow Bridge - There's ELVIS !!!" 

 And laughing,totally cracking up. Thank goodness those folks were far enough away that they never did hear him.  He must have said it three times, and even noticed the guy's cowboy boots .

  "He must be Elvis- he's got the boots too- I've gone over the Rainbow Bridge...."

The whole thing cracked me up as well as some nurses...
 Life is never boring with my beloved husband !

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