Friday, March 15, 2013

Busy Time of the Year


For those who haven't gotten around to filing their taxes-  You Have One More Month !!!  I finally got the farm's info accomplished and sent to our accountant- YAY. My #1 goal is to keep up with filing information on the farm's program WEEKLY, so I don't have to do it ALL, come the first of January. So far- I am a week behind. < sigh >

We have had some grand late winter/ early spring days here recently. The past couple of weeks, especially.... our daffodils are up thorough their covering of leaves; with little buds on them already ! I keep telling them to be careful, Old Man Winter can Still dump snow on this farm.They haven't listened, but then again, can flowers 'hear' in the first place ?
                                             I think not.

And so it goes here.... the hens are laying really well, considering that one day is like Spring- the next, Winter. Some days I get a dozen and then on those colder days, perhaps 6-8. That's super to me- yay for hens who like to lay eggs. RC- the rooster- has decided that he MUST be boss over everyone. This typically happens when they hit one year old - and are "mature".  He is really happy being the Only rooster here, but eventually, if he continues being nasty to humans, he'll find himself kept in the chicken pasture. That way he won't be able to attack folks who come to visit. It sure doesn't make for nice visits when one has to dodge a grumpy rooster.

The horses are shedding. At least Some of them have chosen to get an early start on loosing their winter hair. It won't be long until we are ALL covered in long hair of black, white or brown ! Nylon jackets and pants become the rage here at this time of the year..... because the horse hair comes off nylon easily.

One of my boarders' pony likes to 'sun-bathe' in the warm sunny weather. He lays down in a nice dry place that has manure on the ground and sleeps right around this time of day. Early afternoon... It's a good choice: dry, soft and warm and he has a nice nap. Alli, my ancient Appaloosa mare, stands up there and watches out for any 'monsters' that might decide to wander by. 

The Sentry.... when horses lay down, ( in a herd)  there is usually at least One horse that remains standing up to watch out for danger. It's been bred into them since the times when horses were not domesticated, and they still will be seen doing this today ; centuries after being domestic, well protected equines.
This is why when one comes into a barn and horses are laying down, sleeping, one hears them All getting up. Now if the horses in a certain barn are very relaxed , trusting and comfortable then those horses will remain laying down. They know that the noise is merely a human , and thank goodness , NOT a predator coming to rip off their ears or worse.

I love 'horse watching' and have become a 'chicken watcher' by now too. Its interesting to see those different personalities come out in the horses living here, and then how the 'pecking order' of a herd will change occasionally. The same with chickens who are the originators of the so called 'pecking order'. There are older hens here and younger hens who are not mature yet. The older hens still rule the proverbial roost, but sheeesh, those young hens .... 
let's say it won't be long before they do, instead.

The cartoon below SO reminded me of when our Clydesdale mare was still alive  :

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