Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter !


It's Easter today. I love Easter-but it's a little early this year for me. I usually find Easter Sunday grand fun, but today it is raining and a little miserable. A good day to spend Inside where it's warm n' cozy, right ?

I think so!  Each Easter, we have had 'something' visit us- one time it was Easter Turkeys,( yes- really. They were walking down the road- three of them I think ) another time, an Easter garbage truck ( WHO picks up trash on a Sunday morning ??)  And misc. Easter bunnies as well....  THIS Easter ?? Nothing. Yet.

Glenn always 'forgets' many holidays- Easter, especially. I bought some candy and put it in a fancy basket, thus creating an Easter basket for my beloved husband. ( yeah, I saved some for me too :)

Speaking of my husband- he's doing REAL well just two months from having open heart surgery. He's back to work now, and is finding it tough to get back into the swing of things. We both knew that was to be expected. I'm amazed at how much energy he has again !  Thank God for top heart surgeons around Harrisburg, and that we got the 'cream of the crop' operating on Glenn. So thank you, Dr. Mumtaz for bringing back my husband's health again.... You're the Best.

This morning, one of my working students, Patience,came to help out. These two gals are so much fun to have at the barn. She & her friend, Chy..... they're funny,smart and always willing to pitch in.  I so enjoy them being here !

We are planning an Open House in May. So far, we're having a tailgate tack swap/ sale,( for anyone having things they'd like to sell) games for the kids, a bake sale for the barn, and more. I have to get busy advertising and pray more than a couple of people attend .  If anyone who reads this would like to attend, Please do .

Happy Easter !!!!

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