Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is it Spring, Yet ??

I knowwwwwwwwwww- not for a week or so....  We're being told here in Pennsylvania that we might get a wicked snow storm this coming week. So much for Mother Nature agreeing with anyone at all.

Yesterday was a good day, but a bittersweet one at the same time. You see, I sold my Appaloosa mare that afternoon. I had originally purchased her because I wanted a light horse for riding. She simply wasn't being used enough for me to warrant keeping her, so she was advertised for sale. It took a little time to find the 'right' person wanting to own her, but I finally did. I wish them a lot of happy miles together !

Photos to come.

Then last week, I let my dear little goatie girls be returned to the wonderful gal who offered the 'trade'. Once these little gals got pregnant ( later this spring), they would need a perfect place to raise their kids, and I didn't see any extra money in the near future. The economy is so bad that it is hitting horse farms terribly hard. Every penny is being pinched or spent oh, so carefully here now....

Thus the 'letting go' of beloved animals here. My hens are supporting themselves, so they're staying as well as my old horses and the two Percheron mares who I adore. This has been needing to be accomplished, and by tomorrow evening, it will be. Soon, I will have one less horse to care for properly, and the money gotten from her sale will help with hay purchases this year ; so thank you, Scarlet, my love... I will miss you and your goofball antics.

Luckily for me, there are lots of great folks- kids and adults- who are enjoying being at 'The Barn'- and learning more about horses. 

For now, I am counting all of the Blessings given to me in Pa... a wonderful Healthy husband who loves me, some mighty fine Percherons to love, a couple of dear to my heart Appaloosa mares, great boarders that I love having around, a peaceful, lovely
farm to live on and a warm house to hang my proverbial hat.  
We have been blessed, Glenn & I, and I appreciate it so much.

This past Sunday, Scarlet was sold....A wonderful gal called to ask about her, and when she came to meet Scarlet, I guess she fell in love with her like I had. So, on Monday, Scarlet left our farm for a new one.... a new life and new human in her life. I wish them both the Best of luck in their life together.

Good luck, Scarlet, my sweet heart.....

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