Sunday, March 31, 2013

Over Run by.......

EGGS !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It seems that with Spring arriving, our hens have decided it's safe to begin laying again. And Lay Eggs, they have ! It began slowly... one day, 3-4 then the next, 5-6 eggs. By now ?  I get a Dozen Daily !!  Beautiful farm fresh brown eggs from cage free hens. The younger 10 ( I sold 5 to a friend a while back) are laying smaller eggs, but each week, they are making bigger ones as they mature more. 

Now there are around 7-8 hen sponsors- and each receives at LEAST two dozen fresh eggs. This is wonderful,especially today since it's the right time for egg dying and hard boiled eggs. 

Mmmmmmm,mmmm- fresh Eggs !!

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