Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Whew, I hate August. It's just that simple..... June is alright, July I can handle, but AUGUST ??   Whew.... the worst of humidity, thunderstorms ( well not any where's as bad as in Maryland), high temperatures and cicadas.  Ugh.  Crickets are fine- but that constant 'drumming' of the cicadas drives a person crazy if they have to be outside long at all.

Ok- enough complaining. August will be gone in a week or so and everyone who prefers Not sweating thorough all of their clothing on a daily basis can look forward to cooler times with September's arrival.

I love Autumn. If there was a way to have low humidity levels, and 65 degree days, I'd move there !  With Autumn comes horses growing their heavier winter coats, the acorns begin falling, and Mother Nature gets her forests prepared for the cold winter winds. September is also when I begin 'winterizing' the farm. The grass , er, weeds get mowed for the last time, places that became mud Last year get dealt with,items that won't be used until next spring get cleaned and stored away.....  And all with out Sweating !

Breeze has really been moving forward in her confidence level. She now allows most anyone to halter and lead her outside. She actually tries to help put her nose in the halter now as well. BIG step for one so small and frightened. This Fall I plan on teaching her to ground drive, be content on a longe line, and eventally wear a harness happily.

Also this Fall, Eve is going to be trained to drive. She's managed to remain sound for a long time now, and I've saved the money to send her away for a couple of weeks to get 'started' in harness. I'm very excited to be able to drive her , needless to say.

This summer has been hectic but great for money making. Summer riding students, and some more boarders have become grand fun !  Tiring as can be, but still fun. For a gal that is attempting to phase riding lessons out of her list of things to offer, I'm not doing so well.  Still- the riders are fun to teach and see improve on their riding skills.

The Husband has been improving in leaps and bounds since his open heart surgery. He comes to the barn often and spoils all of our horses with peppermints. SO far, so good

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