Thursday, August 29, 2013

What's " Normal " ?????


Heck, I don't know what 'normal' is any more. But I think we're all getting back to what ever normal is on this farm. It's been a week since Evie was put down, and it was a very difficult week for me.  Monday was a week after it all began, then Wednesday was when I got the horrid news from the vet, and so on. 

Thursday- by 11 AM, she'd been put out of pain, and had been buried. This morning was tough to get through, but I did. I've even walked up the hill to her grave site earlier this week..... Now to keep healing from this blow to the farm. 

 Yes, ALL of us miss her- I swear, even her favorite hen, Liza was searching for her this past weekend. Liza wandered all over the farm, "looking"- I thought at first she was after bugs and tasty worms, but she wasn't actually eating anything. Just wandering about. Evie didn't mind Liza being in her stall, so long as she was careful to not be stepped on.(HUGE hoof = squished chicken)  Liza was careful too. Some mornings, she'd be so full of pieces of grain that she could barely squat down in order to squeeze under the stall door.  The rest of the chickens don't seem to have a clue- but not my Liza Minnelli... 
SHE knew someone was missing. 

Today was hot and humid but as the afternoon wore on, it got a little more bearable. I will be so happy to see it becoming cooler, and so will all of the animals here. You know it's hot when a Chicken pants !

So as time passes, we all learn to handle the fact that there is one HUGE piece of our farm missing, As time passes, we all will heal and put our precious Eve in that small box in our hearts that holds the most treasured memories ; And life will go on. Hopefully with no more tragedies in the future for any of us.

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