Sunday, August 4, 2013

Good-Bye July


We have had some miserably humid and hot weather this past month.... So August arrives and is COOL. While I'm lovin' this cooler summer weather, I know it won't last til Fall arrives. We Will be fried before August leaves our farm.

Signs of Autumns' arrival in a couple of months :
*Crickets are singing at night.
*Cicadas are also singing. Every once in a while, one who isn't quite up to speed about the night time thing, will be singing it's 'rusty' song during the day.
* Shorter days.
* Horses are shedding their summer coats- so August is the month of VERY thin coats . This is either good or bad. If it's a month filled with biting flys- bad. If August is a little cooler, and not so many flys- Good.
* Some of the plants are just beginning to change colors- and a few leaves have fallen.

You can bet this horse woman is hoping for a VERY early ( and LONG) Fall ! Each year I dislike summer weather a little more- so by now ?  UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

The little hen ( Devon) who was my 'throw away' chick was sold yesterday, along with two Lavender Orpington young roosters. They went to a nice home where they will be treasured... I wish the new owners a lot of luck in having ' purple chicks'  this coming Spring !

Looking back on this summer, I discover how blessed I am once again. There are two young gals who've really proven that they are worthy of responsibilities here. I believe they are both 13 yr olds, and they've been so much fun to have around the barn !  They have both learned so much this summer- and are on their way to becoming fine stable helpers. It helps that all of the horses here are kind too- but Cheyenne is quiet and calm enough to turnout the "squirrely- girl'- Breeze. That pony is so gorgeous now !  A deep blood bay with roaning on both sides... so pretty ! I'll have to get some recent photos for you to see how nicely she's filled in and out.  Anyway- Breeze 'allows' Chy to put her halter on and lead her in or out  of the barn.

Also, this summer, we've been blessed with a LOT of rain - arriving at the perfect time. That let the hay grow, and allowed it to be cut and baled properly too. Our fields are green and the weeds have REALLY enjoyed all of this rain . I've had to really mow a lot to keep them under control, but it's working. The garden weeds, however, well............  they are totally out of control  !  < sigh>

So, good bye July- hope to see you next summer.  As of today, this horsewoman is waiting for FALL !

Below is

                BoJangles -21 yrs old this year- right after he'd gotten a bath and BEFORE rolling

This little gal is Ella . She graduated our  Mommy, Me & a PONY ! ** Classes this summer. That is Holly she is hanging off the side of. One of the 'games' we played was to collect brushes from cone tops, and then drop them in a bucket.

Abby, who looks like she's dark blue here.... doing what she loves best 

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